Concrete supply and pumping Wirksworth, Derbyshire

What was required by the customer?

We were recently contacted by a repeat customer for a concrete supply and pumping job in Wirksworth, Derbyshire. The customer was looking for 6m3 of concrete to help lay some footings for a large shed and complete a driveway linking it to the main road.

How we undertook the job

We supplied the concrete in one of our state-of-the-art volumetric concrete mixing trucks to ensure that the customer only paid for and received the exact amount of concrete they required for the job. We undertook the pumping stage at the property in Wirksworth over two separate pours. We first supplied the 4m3 of concrete required for the footings for the shed. The second pour of 2m3 swiftly followed to complete the concrete driveway. All of which was done so with the usual meticulous attention to detail that all concrete supply and pour jobs get from the team at Volmix Ltd.

What the customer had to say

The customer was very pleased with the overall outcome and was kind enough to leave the following review:

This is my third time using Volmix and I would highly recommend them to anyone I know. They are reliable and will always try and accommodate my needs, and at a good, reasonable price.The drivers are all knowledgable and are willing to answer any questions I have, and each time they have been willing to help if needed.I am having a large shed put up and they have supplied concrete for the footings and I already have them booked in for the flooring. They have also previously done some concrete flooring inside the house for me.No complaints and I look forward to working with them again.Tony H, January 2023
Case study

How can Volmix help you?

Volmix are one of Derbyshire’s leading concrete supply and pumping specialists. Whatever the job, we have the right mix for you. Speak to a member of our team and see how we can help you with your concrete requirements.

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