Concrete Mixes

Our quality concrete mixes

Whatever the project we have the right concrete mix for the job. We have been delivering our high-quality concretes to our domestic and commercial clients for over 20 years and thanks to our superb volumetric mixing vehicle, you only pay for what you use.

Concrete tailored for you

Domestic mixes

We have a range of concrete mixes perfectly suited for domestic customers for internal and external usage

Commercial mixes

Our commercial partners have a range of boom and line pumping trucks available for hire

Heavy duty mixes

Need a heavy-duty mix, we have the solution. Our range of super strength mixes are perfect for heavy duty requirements

Agricultural mixes

We have a range of concrete mixes ideally suited for use in an agricultural setting and perfect for internal and external use

Our concrete mixes


Our GEN 1 mix is lightweight and perfect for most non-structural applications. This standardised mix is usually used for cavity filling, kerbing, unreinforced domestic foundations and haunching.


Our GEN 2 mix is the perfect solution for domestic internal flooring when the intended purpose will be to cover the areas with carpets or tiles. GEN 2 is not suitable for outdoor use unless it’s to be encased or completely covered.


Our GEN 3 concrete mix is a more durable solution and ideal for foundations for garages, conservatories and sheds. We recommend that GEN 3 not be used externally unless completely covered or encased.


Our C25 mix is extremely versatile and used for both commercial and domestic projects. It is commonly used for footings, foundations and general groundworks. It can also be used for base filling of external furniture like patios.


Our C30 mix is very popular for the construction of pavements and driveways. It is also well sited to other lighter external applications such as slabbing, patios, stables and garages.


Our C35 mix is a heavy duty concrete that is ideal for agricultural and industrial sites. It is more substantial making it suitable for commercial and industrial use in projects such as piling and external slabbing.


Our C40 mix is a strong commercial grade concrete ideally suited for structural support beams, agricultural use and footings in high stress environments such as roads and industrial sites.

Looking for something a bit different?

Looking for something a bit different?

We can also add additional materials to the mix to enhance the strength of the concrete.

Some of these include:

  • Fibres - Enhances the strength of the concrete
  • Plasticisers - Helps the concrete to flow easier for better workability
  • Retarding agents - Slow down the rate in which the concrete sets
  • Accelerating agents - Speed up the rate in which the concrete sets
Speak to a professional

Speak to a professional

Take the guesswork out of what concrete mix you require. Call a member of our experienced team and discuss your next project and they will be happy to help you get the right mix for the job.

For over 20 years

We have worked with commercial and residential customers across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire equipping them with the materials they need, exactly when they need them. These are our coverage areas:

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