Foamed Concrete

Free flowing concrete foam

Volmix foamed concrete provides a free flowing, lightweight concrete solution developed specifically as a trench reinstatement material in compliance with all HAUC (Highway Authorities & Utilities Committee) recommendations. The concrete is poured into the excavation to the required level, with no compaction and minimal labour.

What is concrete foam suitable for?

What is concrete foam suitable for?

Foamed concrete can be used in a variety of scenarios including:

  • Cavities
  • Void fill
  • Pipe infill
  • Tank infill
  • Trench reinstatements
  • HAUC reinstatements
What is foamed concrete?

What is foamed concrete?

Concrete foam, or foamed concrete is a low density and easily workable concrete with a high air content of up to 80%.

The product is self-compacting and levelling and can be poured into a variety of situations making it a popular choice for a variety of industries. The concrete is produced on site, then delivered and poured by one of specialist trucks pre-mixed.)

What are the benefits of foamed concrete?

What are the benefits of foamed concrete?

  • No compaction
  • Thermal insulation
  • Lightweight concrete solution
  • Fast construction
  • Reduced labour requirements
Speak to a professional

Speak to a professional

Take the guesswork out of what concrete mix you require. Call a member of our experienced team and discuss your next project and they will be happy to help you get the right mix for the job.

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